What is the duration of the warranty for a Planet Power Tool

The warranty of a planet power tools is 6 months from the date of purchase of the tool

What image should be uploaded for warranty registration 

Image should be the Warranty Page of the Instruction manual held along with the nameplate of the tool purchased . The warranty number is same on tool and page 

What if I do not do warranty registration 

Without completion of warranty registration , request for repair or replacement during the warranty period will not be entertained 

 I wish to make bulk purchase of tools from Planet Power Tools who can I reach out to ?

For Gujarat , Goa and Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh please email rmwest@planetpowertools.com 

For WB , Assam , Meghalaya ,Bihar,Jharkhand , Delhi,Punjab,Rajasthan please reach out to debasish@planetpowertools.com

For South , please reach out to sumithra@planetpowertools.com